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Please send checks payable to:

"Jeff Griffith for Palomar Health  2020"

               822 Lanewood Place, Escondido, CA 92026

For reporting requirements, please identify you yourself or the name of the small contributor committee and a physical address, no PO Boxes are allowed. FPPC#Pending. Contributions are not tax deductible for tax purposes.

Candidates running for a state office and committees that make contributions to state candidates are limited in the amount of contributions they may accept from a single source. The contribution limits are different depending on the state office, the committee and the contributor.

The primary, general, special, and special run-off elections are considered separate elections. Contribution limits to candidates apply to each election. Contribution limits to officeholders and other committees apply on a calendar year basis


2019-2020 Contribution Limits for Candidates Per Election

Contributor Sources
Candidate or Officeholder Person (individual, business entity, committee/PAC) Small Contributor Committee (see definition below) Political Party
Palomar Health Board of Directors No Limit No Limit No Limit

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Committee to Elect Jeff Griffith
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