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Who is Jeff Griffith and why is he running for Palomar Health?

I wanted to introduce myself while asking for your support this November. 

I am not a career politician. I am a second generation Firefighter and while growing up I remember my father being gone most of the summer months. He would come home smelling of smoke and usually exhausted. We were evacuated once due to fires, only to return to our home covered in pink retardant. Our dog was also pink for about a week, but he was still happy to see us. To me growing up it was a normal part of life. After my father retired, with two back surgeries and high blood pressure, I attended college looking for a future for myself, but I kept returning to the fire service and I found my home in the firehouse. 

Fast forward to my time as a Fire/Paramedic transporting to the Palomar Health District, seeing the overcrowding and dysfunction in the local Emergency Departments I wanted to solve problems. The younger me would seek out others to help, as I got older I decided I could help solve the problems. That is why I decided to run for Palomar Health Board of Directors (the largest Healthcare District in California).

I brought transparency and accountability to Palomar Health after winning my first campaign in 2012, during my first term I was elected as Vice Chair by my peers on the board and I am currently the Chair of the Governance committee where bylaws and policies are addressed. I was the only incumbent to be re-elected in 2016.  Now I see problems in California and I want to help solve them. 

There is no longer a Fire Season, we are having extreme weather all year long. The cost to life, property, and the environment are rising. California will have challenges that will need to be addressed before conditions get worse. I fear for anyone wanting to join the fire service because the size and intensity will only grow with time.

Every social problem I see in the field relates to behavioral health, from overdoses, homelessness, and even PTSD for our public safety workers. I want to utilize my experiences in public safety and healthcare to help protect and heal California for generations to come. 

Jeff Griffith

(760) 884-3818


Jeff Griffith is a current Fire Captain and Board member. Use of his rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the State of California, the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, San Diego County or Palomar Health District.


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